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Representing 1,300 Manitoba workers employed in Clerical and Operator Services at Manitoba Telecom Services, Yellow Pages Group and AAA Alarms

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April 2, 2014

Bargaining Report

Talks between Unifor Local 7 and MTS began on January 21, 2014. Talks broke off February 12 when Company refused to listen to the demands expressed by Local 7 members. The following is the current status of a few of the key issues.


  • Minor gains, including Shift Bidding by seniority to be addressed by Scheduling Committee and Overtime reports to Union monthly

Monetary (so far)

  • 50 CPTs will become RPTs
  • Eye exam reimbursement of $80 (up from $65)

What you asked for

  • Glasses/Contacts coverage
  • Maintain PLDs at 5 for everyone

What MTS said: No!

What MTS wants

  • Two-tiers on PLDS - you keep your 5 but all new hires get only 3
  • We’ve gone from 13 to 9 to 5. Two-tiers will lead to you getting 3 PLDs
  • Two-tier vacation: new hires lose seventh week and get three weeks after two years, not one

What you need to do

  • Support your bargaining committee
  • Tell us what you want

Court Rules in Our Favour on Pension

We won! The Supreme Court of Canada unanimously concluded that MTS wrongfully made use of the initial surplus in that MTS received the full benefit of the surplus and the members received nothing. The Supreme Court of Canada has reinstated the decision of the trial judge, whereby the trial judge ordered that the parties negotiate utilization of the funds and arrive at a mutually agreeable implementation process, and if necessary, submit further evidence and/or submissions to the court for determination of utilization of the funds and the implementation process.

The Supreme Court of Canada further ordered that costs throughout the proceedings shall be paid on a solicitor and client basis out of the new plan trust fund which means all legal fees incurred by the unions and related parties shall be repaid in full. Click here for a more detailed summary of the decision rendered by the Supreme Court of Canada with regard to pension lawsuit.

The News from UNIFOR

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